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Negotiate With Data in Real Estate

Negotiate with DATA, not Opinion or Assumptions

I am not suggesting that price negotiations shouldn’t occur. Of course they should. The challenge is to identify a very good price that is justified by market comparables, but yet the offer is submitted in such a fashion that it does not insult the seller. The use of current market data to prepare and then support your offer is by far the most effective tool in a price negotiation. Showing a seller market data is way more persuasive than simply saying “I just feel like you are over-priced”. Another reason market data helps is because many real estate agents barely know how to perform a competent market analysis (CMA). They don’t really KNOW what the property is worth. If the Buyer-agent produces data that supports their client’s offer, many times the seller’s agent will be swayed by the data and will blindly recommend that their seller-client accept the offer.


The mirror image of this (Seller prices high to allow room to negotiate) has the same effect on insulting the Buyer and forcing a lost negotiation. A good agent will help the Seller create a package that shows the value of the home using market data. Again, this is way more persuasive than opinion.

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