All of the below material is issued in Public Interest by BBMP on its official Gazette & is not an interpretation by in any which way.

BBMP Bangalore has started accepting property tax for property in Bangalore . BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) is all set to collect the property tax from the property holders. The property owners who make their payments in full for year 2013-14, before April 30, 2013 can avail up to 5% rebate. As earlier, Solid Waste Management Cess (SWM Cess) should be paid along with property tax half year or full year as in the case of the property tax. The process of payment is similar to last year and there is no change in either property tax or in garbage cess.

The good news is that there are no transaction charges for the card users making online payment. Payment gateway facilitated by

IDBI Bank, Corporation Bank, ICICI Netbanking(Only For ICICI Bank Account Holders)

Kindly ensure BESCOM & BWSSB connection R.R. Numbers(Meter Number)* are available with you for updation in the system. If there are more than one R.R. Number, enter them with separated by comma.

Click – BBMP Property Tax Online  (It is advised you visit, below FAQ section before you proceed)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.How do I make the online payment?

First ensure that your card has been enabled by VBV (verified by VISA)   OR VBM (verified by MASTER) if yes then use your PIN number issued by your bank for making online payment. To obtain PIN number you need to call your bank, who will furnish it to you by E-Mail or SMS.  Please note that without PIN number you cannot make Online Payment.


2. Is the Payment Gateway Secured?

The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is of paramount importance to us. Your card information is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption technology. This ensures that your card numbers and personal data are never sent over the Internet unencrypted. All transactions are further secured through merchant plug in (MPI) and are routed for VBV (verified by VISA) & VBM (verified by MASTER) secure authentication.


3.How do I choose the form to make the online payment?

From the property tax online payment page you need to choose the Form applicable to you. If you have no changes to report then use Form IV or if there is a change use Form V.


When you click the Form, it will open the Form page.


· Enter your SAS 2008-09 application number or PID Number for Old areas (earlier BMP jurisdiction areas) and for New areas SAS 2008-09 application number and press the enter key. Your latest tax returns details will get displayed. It is also possible that more than BBMP Contact Point (Help Centre) may get displayed. Chose your Contact Point (Help Centre) were you have submitted your 2008-2009 application form and made and click (select) on it.


·If you chose Form IV next you chose the payment type whether you want to pay in full (for full year) or half yearly payment (First Half / Second Half). Choose appropriate button.


·If you chose Form V then fill up appropriate columns accordingly like change in usage or extent like built up area  etc. in the relevant columns.  The system will help you to calculate the tax payable.


·Select the payment gateway for online payment.


·If you want to pay at the BBMP Contact Point (Help Centre), chose the option “Fill the form and pay at BBMP Help Centre”.  After you complete the entry  of payment details like  cheque / DD number, MICR , amount and date of instrument,  save and take a print of the filled in application form and submit the same at the Help Centre on the same day.  Contact Point (Help Centre) will accept the filled and downloaded form from the BBMP web site for which receipt will be issued.


4. If I have not filed and paid the tax for the year 2008-09 or 2009-10 does it mean that I cannot avail online facility ?

Yes, if the tax return has not filed for 2008-09 or 2009-2010, one cannot avail the online payment facility for 2000-10 or 2010-11. The application number of 2008-09 is the key to access the online payment page for 2009-10 as well as for 2010-11.


5. I have paid the tax for 2008-09 and 2009-10 but when I enter my SAS 2008-09 application number it says “application does not match” or 2009-10 payment details not available. What should I do?


It is possible that in some cases the data may not be updated. In such cases please visit your help centre and ask them to update your data, with the copy of form you have already filled up and submitted with payment details


6. the tax paid details for the year 2008-09 if there is any data entry errors like name spelt or wrong address etc, can we edit and correct it?


NO”. You cannot edit the details. Kindly visit your contact point where you have submitted the application form along with a copy of the application, payment details and supporting documents with a request letter.  Then the concerned officials will examine the same and after processing, it will be sent to DC (revenue), head office for necessary updating.


7. How do I take a print out a copy of the filled up online application form?

After you have completed the online transactions you have to come to the home page. You have an option to print the application. When you click the option “reprint application form IV or Form V” you will get a box wherein you need to enter the old SAS number (2008-09) and the online application number.

Please Note: To print the online application form you have to download and install the Adobe Acrobat reader Version 9 in your system. We have provided a link in the home page to download the same.


8. How do I get a receipt for the payment made?

After you complete the online transaction you get the transaction detail, like order number which contains the SAS 2008-09 application number and new application number and transaction ID.  There is a print option and you need to click on it. A digitally signed final receipt is automatically generated. In case if you fail to get the print copy of the receipt, please go to home page and click on reprint receipt option by providing the SAS 2008-09 and new application numbers.


9. Will I get another receipt issued by the ARO or is the downloaded receipt final?

You will not get another receipt from the ARO’s office. This signed receipt is the final receipt. It can be used for all purposes.


10.What is the Printer Setttings to take my Online Receipt Print

Before taking the print, please do the following settings in Internet explorer.

1. Go to menu -> File -> Page Setup

2. Set Orientation as Landscape

3. Set Margins(left, right, top & bottom) to 0.2 then press OK

11. While the transaction was happening the power failed or logged out, or for any other reason a message appeared that the transaction failed. However, I received a SMS message or my bank confirms that the transaction amount has been debited to my account? I was not able to record the online application number. Please advice.

In such cases please send us your old SAS 2008-09 return form number and the new application number if you have it. The online transaction is safe and secure and hence there will be no problem. We will inform you about the transaction details and in an event if there is double payment received for the same transaction we will reverse one transaction under advice to your bank and retain one. If you have sent us an email we will respond to you as well. You can use this link to report any problems with the transaction.

All of the above material is issued in Public Interest by BBMP on its official Gazette & is not an interpretation by in any which way.

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