Incentives Can be Offered by Buyers/Sellers Too

There are many different kinds of incentives that a seller can offer, or a buyer can request in the transaction, and they are all part of the negotiation. Common incentives in the Santa Rosa area might include;

  • Reduce the price
  • Pay points for the buyer
  • Help with the down-payment
  • Help with closing cost
  • Offering a home warranty
  • Pay future fees ┬álike landscaping and pool maintenance
  • Offer a mortgage buy-down


Actually the list can go long as long you / your agent is creative, and often finding some little thing you can request or offer can make a deal work. Be sure to spend the time working on these possibilities and putting them in your arsenal of negotiation tactics.

NOTE: There may be restrictions imposed upon the real estate agent as a result of agency laws, there are also lender limits on buyer credits and they MUST be properly disclosed, so be careful you do not fall prey to illegal activities.

There is so much more

OK, I have probably put you to sleep with all this information. Sorry. The fact is that I am passionate about real estate and LOVE the negotiation. I creatively help people prepare for and execute their best deal in any real estate transaction.

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