Karnataka Cabinet Ministry Portfolio

Sl.No Karnataka Cabinet Ministry Portfolio
1 Chief minister (including portfolios like Finance, Kannada languages and Cultural, Cabinet Affairs, Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Intelligence Wing, Mines and Geology)
2 Ministry of Deputy Chief Minister 1
3 Ministry of Deputy Chief Minister 2
4 Ministry of Higher education
5 Ministry of Planning, Statistics
6 Ministry of Law & Parliamentary Affairs, Justice and Municipal Administration
7 Ministry of Energy
8 Ministry of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
9 Ministry of Sugar and Horticulture
10 Ministry of Medical Education
11 Ministry of Home, Transport
12 Ministry of Social Welfare (excluding Minority Welfare)
13 Ministry of Small Scale Industries and Sericulture
14 Ministry of Revenue
15 Ministry of Tourism and Infrastructure Development
16 Ministry of Housing
17 Ministry of IT, BT, and BWSSB
18 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (excluding Medical Education)
19 Ministry of Labour
20 Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (excluding Mass Education and Public Libraries)
21 Ministry of Animal Husbandry
22 Ministry of Ports and Inland Water Transport, Ecology and Environment
23 Ministry of Excise
24 Ministry of Public Works Department (excluding Ports and Inland Water Transport)
25 Ministry of Agriculture Marketing & Sugar, Minor Irrigation, Kannada & Culture, Information & Tourism, Textiles and Youth Services
26 Ministry of Medium and Major Irrigation
27 Ministry of Medium and Major Industries
28 Ministry of Women & Child Development
29 Ministry of Housing Department (including Slum Clearance Board)
30 Ministry of Co-operation (excluding Agriculture Marketing)
31 Ministry of Municipalities, Local Bodies and Public Enterprises
32 Ministry of Fisheries, Science and Technology
33 Ministry of Mass Education, Public Libraries, Small Savings and Lotteries
34 Ministry of Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare
35 Ministry of Forest Department from Forest, Ecology & Environment Department

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