Remember Crazy Low-Ball Offers don’t Work

A crazy low-ball offer is another common way to insult the Seller. If you really don’t care whether you buy the property because you are just bottom-fishing anyway, then perhaps this works for you. However, for most buyers who are serious about finding a home that truly meets their needs, this is a mistake. Buyers spend a lot of time searching for the right home. Sometimes once they find a great home and start writing an offer, their priority suddenly changes from “find the perfect home”, to “Win this negotiation and get the house below fair value”.


Very rarely do you find “below market value” and “perfect home” in the same transaction. This whole concept defies logic; how many times have you shopped for a product and been willing to pay a premium for a particular product because it has all the features you highly desire? We all do this almost everyday. Now, how many times have you found yourself thinking;“I really like this product BETTER than the others, therefore I should be able to pay LESS for it”?


The point is that just attempting this tactic often kills the deal and the Buyer usually ends-up at square- one again. Is THAT your goal in shopping for a home? Spend your time at square-one? Stay focused on your true goals and negotiate accordingly.

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