St Patricks ChurchSt Patricks Church
This is one of the oldest churches in the city (around 150 years old). Located on Brigade road, this church was consecrated as a cathedral in 1899. Father Chevalier was responsible for building this church, which boasts of a lovely arched entrance flanked by twin columns. Twelve pillars symbolising the twelve apostles add grace to the interiors of the church. The Church is a prestigious one being an important place for worship and weddings.
Distance : 3.4 km / Museum Road

Infant Jesus ChurchInfant Jesus Church
The Church has a long history of sacrifice and devotion from the time it was first conceived by Fr Paul Kinatukara in the sixties. In April 1970, the foundation was laid by Rev.Dr.Lourduswamy, the then Archbishop of Bangalore, with absolutely nothing to get started.It was Fr. L. Peter who set out on a daunting mission to establish the church on a firm footing.
Distance : 5.6 km / Vivek Nagar

St. Mary's BasilicaSt. Mary’s Basilica
A small chapel was the original structure built by Abbe Dubois, French missionary. This chapel is right opposite the Russel Market Square. The interior is remarkable, with stained glass windows and multiple columns with a rich Corinthian capital supporting the stately arches. Many devotees dressed in orange, gather here to celebrate St Mary’s Feast in September every year. The present structure was built in 1875-1882.
Distance : 2.9 km / Shivaji Nagar

St. Andrew's KirkSt. Andrew’s Kirk
The only Scottish Kirk in Bangalore, situated on Cubon Road parallel to MG Road contains stained glass windows depicting Lord Jesus and his eight apostles. A pipe organ was also installed here in 1881.
Distance : 2.4 km / Cubon Road

Holy Trinity ChurchHoly Trinity Church
This beautiful landmark at the east end of the M.G. Road was built in 1848-51. It is built in the English Renaissance style.The church can accommodate 700 people and is regarded as the largest “military” church in Southern India.
Distance : 4 km / MG Road

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