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Schools train professionals. Professionals become so specialized they cannot apply themselves in other fields and need to form unions to protect their jobs. Remember you can have a profession, say, learn to be a pilot if you want to learn how to fly, but at the same time mind your own business. The rich “groom” the next generation by training the heir in all aspects of running the business. They move him from department to department so he learns how each one relates to the other. Specialization is not the key here, but picking up important lessons from each area and seeing the business & life as a whole.

My subject of thought flow is finance. I eat, work, & sleep with strategies & strategists. So if given a chance to infuse little thoughts into a person’s brain about how to get into the mode of being a financial genius, it would be these thoughts put down below. These thoughts are just to inspire you & thinking that these are my own thoughts is purely at your own risk & belief… 

Few Steps to Awaken Yourself  & Dig The Financial Genius in You:

1. Find a reason greater than reality, a big dream. Think of the freedom, the lifestyle wherein you control your own time. Think of what you don’t want, i.e. “I don’t like being an employee”.

2. Use the power of choice, daily. You can choose to watch MTV, or watch CNBC. It’s how you choose to use your time and energy everyday that brings financial success in the long run. If you choose to work for 40 hours every week, the pay packet would be sufficient just for your basic survival. Anything >40, is the time what you invest to take care of your investments.

3. Choose your friends carefully. It pays to have friends who are focused and achieving their goals. Surround yourself with friends you can learn from.

4. Master a formula. Learn a new one, so that you can learn fast coz you can spend less time thinking about what works or doesn’t work… coz nobody before you would have done something like what you would do.

5. Pay yourself first. Practice self-discipline by keeping expenses low. Tenants can pay for your expenses if you rent out apartments or mini-storage, for instance. Savings are used for investing and creating more money, not for paying bills.

6. Pay your broker well. Attorneys, accountants, stockbrokers, and real estate brokers will have more incentive to work harder for you. If they make more money, it means you make more money as well. 3-7% is a good incentive. 

7. Be an Indian giver. It’s the concept behind ROI. (Return on investment) Invest and then take the initial money out after a time when the investment has earned for you. Hope you guys remember the mail which we published during July 08, which became a huge hit amongst investors.

8. Buy luxuries last. Let the income from your growing assets afford you the new car. Wait for your asset base to grow first. Middle class people buy luxuries first, on credit.

9. Find yourself a hero. When you play golf you can imagine you are Tiger Woods. When you do business, you can ask yourself, “What would George Soros have done if he was in my place right now?”. Hope you guys remember what Mr.Abdul Kalam had told one of his famous I-Day Speech during his tenure. If no, quickly Google for it.

10. Teach and you shall receive. As in money, love, or friendship. If you give without expecting anything in return, you receive more. Don’t think you know everything there is to know about money. Listen to others. Enroll only in useful seminars & ensure before joining … you know ‘what’s the take away it has for you’ only then join with a purpose.

Message For You:

End of day, feel good & respect the country for what ever it has given you. You should feel more good if your child tells that he wishes to do something for our country, by being in our country. Let’s not continue doing the same mistake which our earlier generations once did, in raising children with a mindset that a lot more can be achieved outside India. It’s wise, to let them view things around, with a sense of their own judgment rather than being imposed. At last, as a faithful fellow citizen of this country feel good & congratulate yourself for being a good parent… every time your spouse finds a reason to live in India & every time he makes our country proud.

– An Article Contributed by SAR

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