Step by Step Guide to Pay Traffic Violation Fee Online in Bangalore:

Pay Traffic Violation Fee online in bangalore

We  recommend using the BangaloreOne Portal to your bills as it has relevant SSL certificates to make your payment secure with 128 bit encryption. 

Click here to pay your Traffic Violation Fees

Step 1>     Click on ‘Sign in for new users’ & fill in all the necessary details.

Step 2>     Enter your – Notice Number (Fine challan given to you by the police will have a notice Number) Or enter your ‘Registration Number’ & click on ‘Retrieve Details’ before you proceed.

Step 3> It would display the fine & details of violation.

Step 4> After verifying – continue to fill in all the necessary details.

Step 5> You can use your credit or debit card to make payments.

Step 6> Make sure to Logout, after you are done using the service.

Step 7> A Receipt will be generated for each successful transaction specifying the unique B1 Transaction ID along with bill details.


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