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Wish all doctors give enough moral support sincerely to all patients they treat – uphold patients mental health first – rather than exploit seeking business perspectives

Donating for registered charitable institutions or religious trusts is certainly a good practice – but we must also be responsible enough to check how good your cause is being fulfilled by donating your hard earned money.

Encouragement or fighting to uplift a victim of certain circumstance is nice – but it may dissolve our purpose if we lead things purely from publicity perspective.

Let’s accept certain things are ‘Impossible’. But it’s good to use this word with a little caution, as it may demotivate somebody from even trying.

It’s good to ‘Thank’ when you feel like thanking somebody, especially if it’s women & if they deserve it. Do not postpone!

If you are obsessed to seek attention during a given situation – it’s good to know that attention can be seeked through silence as well.

Learn to respect ‘all that is old’ with grace they deserve. Something can be called ‘New’, only because you call something ‘Old’.

Make appreciation a part of your life. Sooner you will realize how blissful life is – when you are appreciated too.

Make it a habit, not to waste food.  Please practice & only then preach, even if it may be taken with a little pinch of embarrassment by the other person at times.  Seek happiness from this act, only at the cost of feeding some hungry soul by you not letting food go waste.

It’s good to ‘Help’.  Learn to condition your mind, to ‘Help’ – when somebody seeks your ‘Help’.

Learn to end, everything that you begin – on a happy note. You can document happy feeling out of something forever.

It’s nice to be expressive in life than to be expression less.  It gives you a sense to celebration.

Try to follow some sport, as much as possible. It gives you a sense of winning, by watching your favorite teams win.

To Begin With – First Give & Then Expect.  Only to gradually live life to – Just Give.


If you have a wish for a better living – please write to us – [email protected] . We will feature your wish on this page, along with your name.

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