A lot has been said about India’s participation in global economic slowdown. Every day we could see all news paper circulations, carrying news about IT & Industrial shops being shut all over the world due to Recession. Well, I am not a branded economist to talk about recession outside India but I consider myself competitive in talking about “India’s Participation in this Recession”. I do not want to echo what people have already spoken about. But I wish to express the Vision, I am trying to seek out of this Recession Phase.

If Indian market is reeling under little pressure at the moment now, it’s just that we are reacting to a global phenomenon just like any other emerging economy in the world is expected to do. Completely agree, we cannot de-link ourselves overnight, from the global chain reaction & say “we are out of this scene”. But what we need to ask ourselves is, is even our country built up on the same platform as other nations in recession currently are? Have all we Indian consumers have got so much used to taking loans for all simple reasons like buying watch, buying household furniture, or even groceries for our house.

Please remember to answer this question, keeping the entire country’s interest in mind. Well, if you are an IT/ITES/BT or any other high paying employees, your answer might be a “Yes” for buying watch & furniture on credit cards… and you guys represent only 15-20% population of India. But the question here is, has the entire population of India got used to living with loans for all reasons & seasons? Well, I shouldn’t think I may be wrong, if I read your answer as “NO” to those questions.

If Indian stock market is over sold & down at the moment, it’s only due to selling pressure of investors based on global sentiments & not due to bad performance of our home grown Indian companies. Even if US/UK based companies that have setup operations here are going through a rough phase, its due to their loss on capital employed in US/UK ‘s investment portfolio & not due to loss made on quality of our employees talent.

Come on, let’s start analyzing things with a view, instead of being complacent & deciding to go with the flow. We should realize that, this is an opportunity for India to clearly evolve as a fastest growing economy. During the time when the entire world slows down, to talk about a problem let us start exploring more opportunities. Each Indian should feel lucky for being a part of this era & for having had the chance to stand as an example to the world, for exploring opportunities when everybody saw just problems around. We certainly stand a good chance for being a part of history books which speaks about Indian Civilization in future.

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