BBMP – Plan Sanction, Khata Issuance Procedure

Why is Plan Sanction necessary?

The builder required to have approval or sanctions from concerned authority (BBMP) for the construction of building. The building constructed without sanctions or deviated more than 5 per cent from approved plan levies penalty and authorities has right to demolish the building without any prior notice.

What is a Khata?

The word Khata is derived from regional language Hindi – in which Khata means an account. So in actual terms it means an account, this Khata is an account of a person who has property in the city. It is an account of assessment of property owners within BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) jurisdiction. Khata is important when you apply for any license of building or for trade, applying for loan from any banks or financial institution.It consists all the details of property like name of owner, size of buildings, location of property and all other details that helps to file property tax.


Plan Sanction Application Form

Plan Sanction Format

Documents Produced For Plan Sanction

General Rates Prescribed for plan sanction

FAQ’s for Plan Sanction

khatha Registration Procedure



All of the above download material is issued in Public Interest by BBMP on its official Gazette & is not an interpretation by in any which way. 

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