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Personal Communication When Buying Real Estate

Use Personal Communication as a Tool When Buying a Home

If you are buying/selling this deal through agents you must know, what is cost of direct offer & what is agent commission payable. Generally speaking, there are a lot of real estate agents out there who have poor-to-zero negotiating skills. While it might not have crossed the buyers agent’s mind to ask their client, I really do want to understand exactly what is most important to the seller. There are agents who will refuse to allow this, but it never hurts for you to ask.


More often than not, at this point in the game, pricing is not the “number one most important item”. But, even if pricing is #1, what other things are on this list of importance? What is item #2, or #3? You should always know what these needs are so you can help your buyer-client restructure their offer to answer these needs if the initial offer is rejected. Believe me, I have seen the craziest items hold high importance to people and you often don’t know what they are until you ask. “What did you say?…The back door on the garage has high sentimental value to you?…yes, I am sure we can work that out”. Direct person-to-person communication is the key to this negotiation tool. Most importantly don’t leave anything for assumption.

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